The Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist!

Years ago, running a marketing campaign meant developing creative, writing a check, and crossing your fingers that results would follow.

The channels that marketers use today are different, but the same problem remains: disconnected tools and channels means it’s tough to measure results, and the experience for your leads often feels disconnected.

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The Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

Start With The Customer in Mind

As a marketer you should collaborate with your sales team to dvelop a buyer persona to properly understand your ideal customer pain points and desires.

Use Integrated Marketing Tools

Too many tools causes friction and slows down your organization's ability to remain agile. Every growing organization has this problem in today’s Saas business landscape.

Remains Agile As Your Startup Scale

As a scaling startup, to remain agile you must begin with a marketing strategy that helps align your marketing and sales goals. No longer should business be done in silos!