Top 25 Influencer Marketing Platforms & Marketplaces

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Influencer marketing platforms are essential for any business that wants to use influencer marketing as a way to promote their brands and generate better sales conversions. That's because these platforms provide businesses of all sizes a place where they can search, screen, and collaborate with influencers and micro-influencers.

Just like selecting the right influencers to work with for your campaigns, finding an influencer marketing platform that easy to use and contains all the features you need to create, run, and monitor your campaign is very tricky. That's because many of these platforms can only be accessed when you pay for a subscription.

That’s why to help you out, I’ve created this list of the top 25 influencer marketing platforms on the market today. Whether you're about to venture into your very first influencer marketing campaign or have been doing this for some time, I'm sure that you'll find this list very helpful. 

1. TapInfluence


TapInfluence first appeared in the scene as Blog Frog, an online advertising service provider that sells banner ads to B2B companies. With content marketing now replacing banner ads and other outbound marketing strategies, the company morphed into the influencer marketing platform back in 2013. Today, TapInfluence still caters to B2B companies. Only this time, they give you access to over 100,000 validated food, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Most of these influencers own their respective blogs. 

The comprehensive array of tools TapInfluence cater to the essential steps of creating an influencer strategy, from influencer search and outreach to reviewing analytics, and campaign management. These tools allow you to search and screen influencers based on their niche demographics, interests, performance history, and estimated cost-per-engagement (CPE) for those that have their own blog.

The range of self-serve plans they provide gives you access to their platform and tools based on your business' specific needs. Their higher plans include the opportunity for you to work alongside with members of the TapInfluence team to create an effective influencer marketing strategy, and get recommendations on which of the influencers in their database would be a perfect match for your business.

Some of the premium brands they’ve worked for include Panasonic, Fossil, and SunTrust.

2. Influenster


 Based in New York City, Influenster was founded by Elizabeth Scherle and Aydin Acar in 2011 as a product discovery platform and review site to help customers make better buying decisions. Today, the community is made of over four million active members, many of whom are social media influencers and micro-influencers.

Influenster offers a wide range of services to business owners looking to boost their brand awareness. Central to these services is their VoxBoxes—complimentary product packages containing samples of your products. These are sent to target groups of influencers that best matches your buyer persona. You can choose to have your product samples included in a co-op VoxBox along with other related sample products from other companies or have a VoxBox customized with your company’s brand and logo.

Influenster has worked with several premium brands. Among them include Yves Saint Laurent, P&G, Pfizer, and General Mills.

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3. Grapevine Logic

GrapeVine Logic.png

Grapevine Logic is an influencer marketing platform that offers self-serve, end-to-end influencer marketing solutions, starting off with providing you with in-depth historical reach, demographics, click-through rates, and sales conversion. You can also read through the reviews left by previous brands that they have collaborated with to get more insight on whether they will be a good fit for your influencer marketing campaign.

At the same time, Grapevine Logic also works as a platform where YouTube and Instagram micro-influencers can sign up and search for sponsorship opportunities. To be considered, a micro-influencer would need to have at least 10,000 YouTube subscribers or 5,000 followers on Instagram.

4. REP 


Although REP is one of the newer influencer marketing platforms, it's quickly becoming a popular self-serve marketing platform, particularly among startups with limited budgets. That's because unlike most influencer marketing platforms that require you to avail one of their paid subscriptions, REP is free to use for both brands and influencers alike.

What makes REP unique from other influencer marketing platforms is that they focus primarily on providing brands access to nano-influencers. These are influencers that have lower than 5,000 followers on their social media channels. The reason, according to REP's CMO Isaac Lekach, is straightforward: nano-influencers' posts have at least an 8% engagement rate from their followers. For brands, that means higher conversion rates, increasing the success rate of their influencer marketing campaigns.

It’s for this reason that premium brands like Capitol Records and Penguin Books are using REP’s influencer marketing platform for their campaigns.

5. FameBit


Google-owned FameBit started out as an influencer marketing platform that focuses on connecting YouTube influencers with businesses. Over time, they’ve expanded their database to now include influencers and micro-influencers on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, and cater to brands that are using influencer marketing campaigns to attract millennials. Some of the well-known brands that they’ve worked with include Adidas, Activision and Office Depot.

 While most influencer marketing platforms feature their database of influencers and micro-influencers to choose which ones to work with, FameBit turned the tables around by allowing companies to post their campaign offer, which the influencers can search and submit a proposal to work with. By doing this, brands get a shortlist of influencers and micro-influencers who are already interested in collaborating with them instead of trying to convince influencers to promote their products to their followers.

Brands can sign up to use the FameBit platform for free. However, FameBit charges a 10% fee for every transaction made between them and the influencers. Also, FameBit requires that the minimum amount to offer to each influencer is $100.

6. Mention


 Mention is an influencer marketing platform that not only helps you connect with the most significant influencers in your business' niche, particularly with those who have published content about your brand and products on their blogs and social media accounts. This is hugely beneficial, especially if the material these influencers published put your brand in a positive light since the sponsored content that they will produce will be more genuine and natural. 

Additionally, their Influencer Discover feature helps you to monitor your competitors and see which strategies and approach worked and used this to promote your brand and products.

Through the years, Mention has worked with many premium brands. These include Ogilvy, Adobe, and Microsoft.

7. Gatsby Gatsby.png

Believe it or not, some of the top micro-influencers in your niche may actually be found right in your customer’s database.

Gatsby helps you find them so that you can identify them, connect with them, and offer them the opportunity to collaborate with you.

After you set up a campaign on Gatsby, it will start sorting out your customer’s database and provide you with a list of your customers with the highest following on their social media accounts. Once you selected the influencers you’d like to work with, you can then send an email with your offer with the use of their email tool.

Gatsby offers a range of packaged plans that come with a specific number of viewable customer insights, integration, and tools that are ideal for small- and medium-size businesses. They also provide custom plans for larger companies.

8. Traackr


Founded in 2008, Traackr is one of the very first platforms to come out with the advent of influencer marketing. Through the years, Traackr developed their platform to focus on what they refer to as Influencer Relationship Management where they help businesses find and connect with influencers to build a long-lasting working relationship built on trust. Not only are you able to communicate with their followers, but also that influencer the influencers you choose to work with.

 Along with their vast network of influencers and micro-influencers, Traackr also provides brands with a deep analytics engine that helps them monitor the performance of their influencer marketing campaigns on one platform. Premium brands such as HP, Forbes, Intel, and Travelocity are just a few of their many established clients that experienced significant results using this platform.

While the tools and features offered by Traackr are robust, they can be quite complicated for startups and businesses with a small marketing team to use. Also, you need to sign up for either an annual or multi-year subscription to access this influencer marketing platform.

9. Revfluence

Revfluence.png Revfluence is a San Francisco-based self-service influencer marketing platform that helps you connect with over 150,000 influencers in the different top social media platforms.

One unique feature of this all-in-one platform is its Creator (their term for influencers), Collaboration Kit. This kit helps streamline the process of collaborating with influencers as well as provide you with tools to help you track and monitor the progress of your campaign.

 Since Revfluence is a self-service influencer marketing platform, you'll need to have some background on the ins and outs of how influencer marketing works. That said, this platform is an excellent option to consider if you already ran a few influencer marketing campaigns in the past, and are looking for a program that will help you streamline the process.

10. Open Influence  Open Influencer.png


Formerly known as InstaBrand, Open Influence boasts a database of over 100,000 influencers on different social media channels, much of the features and services you’ll find on this influencer marketing platform are geared to focus on mobile-specific social networks like Instagram and Snapchat.

InstaBrand’s platform comes with a powerful search engine that helps you do a search with the help of keywords rather than pre-determined criteria. This provides you with multiple search options so that you can find the right influencers to work with for your campaign.

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Along with their search engine, InstaBrand also comes with several features and tools to help you develop your strategy, connect and engage with influencers, track and monitor your campaign’s progress, generate reports.

11. NeoReach

Neo Reach.png

NeoReach may still be a small startup influencer platform provider. Nevertheless, their platform is robust and comprehensive enough so much that premium brands like NBC/Universal, Fandel, and the Travel Channel are using their services for their respective influencer marketing campaigns.

Birthed within the campus of Stanford University, NeoReach offers brands a database containing over 3 million influencers across the major social media channels that brands can access and connect with through their self-service platform. At the same time, they provide managed campaign services where members of their team will create and run a full influencer campaign for your business.

As far as their pricing goes, NeoReach offers their clients with a custom quote based on their specific needs.

12. Upfluence  Upfluence.png


Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that caters to companies looking to boost their content marketing strategies with the help of influential bloggers in their specific industry. This self-service platform not only allows you to connect with owners of high-ranking blogs but also with writers that have long-standing relationships with online news outlets. Among those that use this platform for their content marketing include PayPal, Nestle, and Victorinox (makers of Swiss Army products).

13. Webfluential


So far, we’ve looked at several influencer marketing platforms whose focus is more on matching businesses with influencers in their respective niches for their influencer marketing campaign. But what if you’re a professional with a goal of establishing yourself as an authority and influencer in your niche?

This is the edge that Webfluential has over its competitors. Professionals can sign up for an account for free and create their profile page where they can include previous collaborations that they've done in the past and set their desired rates. Webfluential also provides a host of tools that will help you send detailed proposals to brands within your niche and pitch your idea for a collaboration.

Webfluential’s focus on providing influencers with tools to make them more proactive offers a win-win situation for both businesses and the influencer. The influencer no longer has to passively wait for someone to knock on their door to provide them with collaboration. At the same time, businesses get fresh insights and perspectives proposed by the influencer that would help boost their influencer marketing campaigns.

14. Onalytica Onalytica.png

Another pioneer in the influencer marketing industry, Onalytica is a SaaS influencer marketing platform that provides end-to-end tools and solutions to help brands develop their strategy, connect with influencers, campaign analytics, and access to a dedicated Customer Service Manager.

To make sure that they provide their clients with a comprehensive list of valid influencers to partner with for their influencer marketing campaigns, Onalytica utilizes a hybrid screening approach to maintain its database. What this means is that it first runs an algorithm to search for influencers relevant to your niche. A human team reviews the results initially generated to weed further out those that they may consider as irrelevant.

15. BuzzSumo Buzzsumo.png

BuzzSumo is a powerful influencer marketing platform that focuses on helping brands connect with influential bloggers for their content marketing strategy as well as influencers on Twitter.

Instead of specifying a specific set of criteria or demographics, BuzzSumo allows you to do a search for influencers to collaborate within your business by using keywords relevant to your business. BuzzSumo will then provide you with a list of influencers that use these keywords in their Twitter bio along with their corresponding blog’s domain authority, which is an estimate on how well they rank on Google and other search engines.

 Along with their domain authority, you also get to view their average retweets, which is a metric that tells you the average number of times their tweet is shared by their followers on Twitter.

Other features their platform provides are competitive research and content marketing strategy.

16. Ninja Outreach 

Ninja Outreach Screen Shot.png

 Ninja Outreach is a self-serve platform that let's you carry out your influencer marketing outreach and campaign from start to finish.

 As an influencer marketing platform, Ninja Outreach efficiently helps you find influencers within your niche from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once you've selected the influencers you'd like to connect with, you can then create a drip campaign for the emails you send out to these influencers so that you can track and monitor who responds to your invitation.

"Ninja Outreach is my go to influencer marketing tool where I send out 5,000 blogger outreach emails per month. I have been able to get booked on podcasts, get guest post oppertunities, and high quality backlinks!" -Kevin Payne

17. Blogmint  Blogmint.png


Blogmint is the most extensive influencer marketing platform that features over 40,000 influencers, vloggers, and micro-influencers in based in Asia. This is an ideal platform ideal for business owners in Asia as well as for those that are planning to expand their customer base in this part of the world. 

While Blogmint allows you to search and invite influencers to take part in their influencer marketing campaign, most of those that use this self-service platform screens the influencers that sends them their interest to take part in the campaign the brand posted in the platform.

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Since most of the influencers in Blogmint’s database own a blog or vlog, they are ranked based on their BlogScore, which gives you an insight on how well the influencer’s blog or vlog is performing based on traffic and engagement.

18. BrandBacker


 BrandBacker is an influencer marketing platform that focuses more on giving professionals to sign up as an influencer in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, parenting, food, and travel niches.

 Upon signing up, professionals are given a list of opportunities ranging from free samples to paid post projects so that they can send their application to the brands offering them.

 As for businesses looking for a platform to help streamline their influencer marketing campaigns, BrandBacker allows brands to post their campaigns for influencers to apply to as well as retrieving data to learn which influencers are already talking about their brand and connect with them. Other features businesses will find useful is getting data on how well their content is performing against their competitors, industry trends, and hot topics being discussed in their respective niches. 

19. Content BLVD

Content BLVD.png

 For businesses that are looking at using YouTube as their primary channel for their influencer marketing campaigns, Content BLVD will be a suitable choice.

Like other platforms, Content BLVD lets companies post details about their campaign on the platform's marketplace. The influencers that makeup Content BLVD's database can then sent their request for a sample of the product for them to promote on their YouTube channel. Once you have selected a list of influencers to work with, you can then track and monitor when the video featuring your product goes live and how it's performing.

What sets Content BLVD apart from most influencer marketing platforms is that it allows brands to post unpaid campaigns. In other words, you can run a campaign and work with influencers without financially compensating them. Because the risk is minimal, this option makes it ideal if you're seriously considering on using influencer marketing for your business, but aren't quite sure if it will be a good fit.

20. Pitchbox Pitchbox.png

PitchBox is a blogger outreach platform that primarily designed to cater to SEO companies, marketers, and growth hackers. You can set up a campaign and conduct a search for influencers using keywords relevant to your business and products.

In addition to historical data such as social media followers and the blog’s domain authority, you’re also given a link to the influencer’s blog. That way, you can screen the types of content that they usually create, the quality of content they publish, and whether these are a good fit for your business.

 Other features that you can access in PitchBox are ready-made templates you can customize to connect and communicate with influencers, creating drip campaigns for your outreach emails, responding to replies and proposals sent by influencers, and analytics.

21. Markerly Marketly.png

Markerly is an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that connects brands with over 2 million influencers by searching through different social media platforms and blogs. Its self-service platform is equipped with tools and features designed to streamline your workflow processes as you create a network of influencers you can collaborate with for your business.

 At the same time, Markerly also offers businesses influencer campaign management services where they will help you create, develop, implement and monitor an influencer marketing campaign for your business.

22. Hypr


Founded in 2013, Hypr is an influencer discovery tool that helps you search and connect with potential influencers in your niche. It boasts a database containing over 10 million influencers and micro-influencers across different social media channels and blogs, each categorized based on their followers’ demographics.

Currently, Hypr’s platform only provides businesses the estimated view count the influencer’s post gets from his or her followers and the ability to create lists of influencers to reach out to for your campaign.

23. IZEA


As a SaaS influencer marketing platform, IZEA has been connecting brands with influential bloggers to boost their content marketing efforts since 2006. Today, it’s now a comprehensive platform where brands can now connect with relevant bloggers and social media influencers who would meet their needs.

IZEA's longstanding experience in the influencer marketing industry allows them to streamline the workflow process within their platform, dividing it into nine distinct steps, which ensures you don’t miss out any of the steps you need to do to create an effective influencer campaign.

24. Julius


 Formerly known as Thuzio—an online talent agency catering to athletes looking for endorsement opportunities and paid appearances, Julius is today an influencer search and discovery tool that connects brands to over 75,000 influencers across different social media channels. While many of these are still athletes, their database also includes influencers from other industries and niches.

Julius’ platform provides you with a comprehensive background on the influencer’s reach and engagement history. It also allows you to visit the influencer’s blog and different social media account for you to see their recent posts so that you can gauge their performance and the quality of the posts yourself.

Another advantage of using Julius' influencer marketing platform is that you no longer have to worry about cold calling or cold emailing these influencers. The platform comes with a feature that allows you to quickly connect directly with the influencer or their representative so that you can start a conversation, build a relationship, and eventually get them to work with you on your campaign.

25. Klear Klear.png

Established in 2012 by three brothers, Klear is a social media influencer marketing platform that provides you multiple ways of finding relevant influencers to collaborate with by providing you with a smarter way to access insights from the influencers’ social media accounts.

You can choose to sign up for a free account. Although the search and social profile information provided in this plan are limited, the information you receive includes enough detail for you to select potential influencers to work with for your influencer campaign. On the other hand, the paid plans offer a host of other services, including campaign monitoring, and consultation services.

The Tip of The Iceberg

In this post, we've taken a close look at the best 25 influencer marketing platforms today. While each of them has their own unique advantages and limitations, they all share one thing in common: they give you a convenient way to find influencers that you can reach out to, connect with, and invite to work with you on your influencer marketing campaign.

Finding the right influencers, however, is only one of the different pillars that make up a successful influencer marketing campaign. To help you out, I’ve created a detailed guide on how to create an effective influencer marketing strategy from start to finish that you can download by clicking on the link below.

Have you tried out any of these platforms for your influencer marketing campaign? If so, what did you like most about it? If not, what influencer marketing platform do you use and why did you choose this platform? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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