Why Startups Should Hire Freelancers?

Why Startups Should Hire Freelancers?

 There's a mixture of feelings with the idea of launching a tech startup as a first-time founder. Part of you is excited at the opportunity, and the other part of you is frightened. Who can blame you? There's a lot at stake. Building a startup requires perseverance, agility, and mental toughness. Most of all high-growth startups must know how to scale while being cost effective. One of the biggest expense startups spend money on is human capital. Here are some strategies you can use to hire freelancers for your startup.

The people who assist you that do the behind-the-scenes for your venture are the real heroes. Your employees can complement your weaknesses or burn through your startup capital.

"Employee costs today are getting higher and higher, as taxes and health care prices continue to rise. You must seek the best ways to ensure this will not swallow up the whole budget."

Also, it's recommended to do as much work yourself but shouldn't you focus on what matters (sales and product development). Is it necessary to have parts of your business in house that isn't your primary service offering?

Imagine if every eCommerce business tried specializing in shipping instead of using UPS...




All jokes aside.... It's important to discuss other points too. So, to help you with this entrepreneurial move, I've taken the time to highlight startup business strategies that focus on hiring the correct growth hackers to take your startup to a whole new level.

Freelancers Understand Your Industry

Have a particular niche, then start from there. The secret to choosing a freelancer consequently is to choose one that shares a passion for the sector you're in and has a proven track. You will want to conduct research, so you know the right questions to ask when going through the interview process.

Run an analysis. The slightest shifts in the analysis will have an impact on your business somewhere down the road. Study the people who will be your product or services recipients; this will yield significant insights on questions to ask during the interview process. Lastly, take a look at the distribution of the top talent in your industry. Some areas just attract great freelancers!

Remember it's important that your freelancer has the passion for helping solve the problem your startup business is solving. According to Lewis Howes:

"Let your vision be so compelling that it guides you to the highest peaks during the lowest moments. -lewishowes"

Having a vision and goals are the groundwork that will aid you in setting your business objectives for the upcoming months. Create aims that will help you reach your bigger goals in the long run. Lewis Howes is one my mentors who I admire. Consider investing in yourself and reading The School Of Greatness to take your business to the next level. He teaches you to create a vision with integrated with a larger purpose beyond just growing a startup business but leaving a lasting impact on the world and those you encounter.

 All Freelancers Must-Do Marketing

No matter what type of business you have, all businesses need marketing; yours is no exception. By hiring a freelancer, you are working with someone that has an entrepreneurial mindset. As a young entrepreneur, I can attest that all freelancers must understand to some degree on how to do marketing and sales.

With that being said you should use your resources to make marketing a priority. Utilize the best tactics and growth hacking techniques to grow your sales conversions. If you're on a tight budget, try free marketing venues such as social media, emails, or blogs.

However, if you have enough resources, use paid marketing. Such as Facebook marketing. From my personal experience if you set up Facebook conversion pixel and run a conversion based Facebook ad campaign the cost per lead (not click) is 3-40 cents.

Look Into Your Finances

To launch and maintain your business, it is important that you have enough financial support. The details can be the most expensive part sometimes. Whether you're bootstrapping or a relatively large startup I advise seeking a certified CPA to get your books set up. This small investment can save you headaches and legal nuances down the road. Learn the difference between using tax software and hiring an experienced CPA.

Hire Freelancers The 1st Time

Put your business in the hands of capable people. You'll find that running a successful startup business is easier when you're with dedicated and like-minded freelancers. From building your business to maintaining it, hiring talent for the parts that you need the most help with is called outsourcing. Outsourcing is becoming more of a prominent industry today.

The people you hire are called freelancers. They are self-employed workers who could work independently or under an agency, who are bound to their employers either project-based, short-term, or long-term.

These independent contractors showcase a broad range of skills, which can be used as your catalyst for launching and growing your company. Freelancers could be any of the following: web/app developers, writers/editors, graphic and web designers, GVAs, customer service representatives, SEOs, accountants, bookkeepers, researchers, human resource specialists and so much more. Use these virtual workers to help you bring you closer to your goals. The question then is, why.

Freelancers Are Virtual Workers

Freelancers can be found around the globe. In America alone, around 53 million people (34% of the labor force) have become freelancers and are offering their services, according to an Independent Study by the Freelance Union and Elance-oDesk. Most of them work from the comforts of their homes, because of this you do not have to provide them with workspace or supplies. In short, your overhead costs are significantly reduced when compared to hiring an in-house employee.

To set an example, start-up businesses need the services of web developers to create their websites from scratch. If you decide to hire within your company, you'd have to provide the necessary tools such as high-powered computers; whereas if you outsource the job to a freelancer specializing in the field, especially overseas, you'll be paying only half of the cost or less.

Freelancers Schedules Are Flexible

Since freelancers come from all around the world, you'll find that most of them can easily adjust to your time zone. They can be your on-call assistance and are typically readily available online. However, be aware that freelancers are in this industry because of the flexibility of their  working hours that means working when it is most convenient for them

You will soon discover that there may be tasks in which you only need freelancers in the short-term. Additionally, you may realize that you need one expert for a asks and another skill set for the next. These situations, among others, are why freelancers can be of help; you can hire them when you need them, and for however long you need them.

When you need copyrighting services for an individual campaign like marketing your startup business, there's no reason to hire one for full-time; a freelance copywriter is the best option. The same goes if you're in need of part-time or pay-per-project experts. By using freelancers, you can get the work done even when you are asleep or away.

Freelancer Save You A Ton Of Time

Freelancers are your helping hand. By taking in the tedious tasks and ridding you of time-consuming non-core responsibilities, venturing entrepreneurs can focus on the core aspects of his or her business, like finding new clients.You must make some time to review your business from every so often, but having the specifics handled by capable freelancers will provide you with the reassurance that your business is running well without your constant supervision. You'll be able to save time as well with freelancers because you're not the one responsible for handling or processing the actual hard work.

When your business scales up, freelancers are also beneficial to ensure you can keep up with market demands. For instance, bookkeeping tasks for small businesses, are better left outsourced than handled by an in-house employee. You could assign the freelancers tasks to do on the weekend and not have to worry that they will not get done by Monday. Don't be afraid to use freelancers; if you do all the work by yourself, you may get stressed out.

They Lower Your Startup Expenses

All the points stated above result in helping you save costs and hiring the right freelancer. From the start of the outsourcing search until the end of your contract, hiring the services of a freelancer is considered very efficient. First, overhead costs are significantly reduced. Second, there is little to no training required for freelancers, as most of them are already very skilled. Since they are also independent contractors, you aren't bound to process or handle their taxes and other benefits like what a regular employee has to do.

You check their work, pay them at your agreed rate, and that's it. And since we're speaking of salary, I'd like to let you know that you could find highly skilled individuals that are more than willing to accept your project at a lower price than their office-based counterparts.

Freelancing is a global trend- not only in the US or UK. If you're a startup business CEO from Australia or USA. If you're trying to get the most out of your money, you may look for options overseas like in Asia or the Philippines; labor costs are cheaper in countries like India or the Philippines. I recommend using Virtual Staff Finder.

The saved money from using freelancers can be re-purposed for marketing or app development services.

Freelancer Are Highly Experienced And Work Ready

The freelance industry has indeed skyrocketed (number-wise) in the last few years. That means competition. This is why freelancers take the time to specialize their crafts so they can attract more clients. For freelancers, skills, knowledge and the right tools are considered their capital. Because of this, they continuously improve their abilities. They can develop their skills by researching and practice. You could choose a reliable freelancer from a site such as LinkedIn.

Since freelancers work from contract to contract, many of them have accumulated several techniques they could apply to your business. They've learned to use a number of tools which is beneficial as you start automating your business processes. With the proper instructions and guidance, in no time they'll be helping you grow your startup business and prove their worth as freelancers. They may even give you helpful insights.

You should know that freelancing is a freelancer's business as well. Their chances of getting another client as soon as their contract with you expires depends on a lot of factors- two of which are how well they've done their job, plus your recommendations. These prompt them to be committed to finishing the tasks and delivering quality result within the agreed time frame.

As employers or first-timers in the freelancing industry, you could use some help in handling freelancers by these ten simple tips from HubSpot.

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