Periscope Growth Hacks That Can Benefit Your Business


Introducing you!

Don't confuse it with periscope- a tube attached to mirrors used for viewing. It's a different apparatus, although the concept of viewing is more or less adopted by the app.

So now, I'd like to introduce you to one of the newest, most exciting and widely used apps in town-Periscope.

For those of you who do not know yet, Periscope is a live-streaming video app developed for smartphones with iOS or Android platform, launched just this year. While several apps like Facebook and Instagram gives us an extensive view of a person's profile, nothing beats the power of real-time moving broadcast.

Think of Periscope as your very own TV channel, and you have your audience, and this audience follows you and gets notified when there's something you want to televise. And if someone who you're following shares a live stream- gotcha! You'll see it, too. It's the closest thing to teleportation. Even the Periscope team agrees.

Periscope: How It All Started

The conception of Periscope began when one of its developers, Kayvon Beykpour decided to book a hotel in Istanbul, only to find out that a strong rally had broke down near by, and was contemplating on the safety of going there. He wanted to be able to see what was going on the outside world. That led him together with fellow developer Joe Bernstein, to create the first prototype of Periscope.

Beykpour and Bernstein were thrilled to see the user lists fattening and fattening since the day Periscope was launched in March this year. And despite its recency, lots of businesses and individuals alike are finding it as a tremendous marketing tool potential.

Why? Because it's built on the concept of social media. Periscope lets users share and view videos, connect with other users and send your appreciation through hearts. Imagine waking up in the morning in San Diego, while witnessing the sunset at Bali. Or showing your followers a video of your son on his first rugby match. Or taking your audience on a virtual tour around your newly furnished business establishment. These are life (and business) moments you wouldn't want to miss sharing to the globe.

On the marketing side, Periscope is helpful in promoting businesses through live demonstrations or tutorials. In fact, due to its successful launch, the concept of live broadcasting is seen as the newest face of social interaction.

Recently, Twitter bought the startup behind Periscope for $100 Million and relaunched it under Twitter's App store. Twitter and Periscope, both aiming to provide real-time social interaction, make a strong team.

Periscope Daily Active Users

A Quick Guide to Using Periscope

As explained, Periscope is a tool which allows anyone to broadcast a video, real-time or view those that are being live-streamed by your followed accounts. Its hottest competitor in the market is Meerkat.

In Periscope, you'll have to know that live broadcasting is the primary service it provides as of now. It's a straightforward and user-friendly tool to use. Beginners won't have a hard time catching up, guaranteed.

To start your Periscope experience. First, you'll have to download it in your iPhones or iPads either from Android Store or Google Play. Since it's acquired by Twitter, you may also log in using it. Periscope remains an independent entity despite the acquisition and has its team and own set of rules. Learn how to setup your Periscope account with the video below.

As soon as you're logged in, go to settings and adjust a few things. You'll find there's an option available for you to either autosave your broadcasts or not, should you go live. If you choose to save it, your video will be stored in Twitter's archives, viewable again for 24 hours though this can be turned off anytime you want. In the settings, you'll also find the choice to turn notifications on or off. This includes broadcast messages and geolocation.

There are three buttons in the display. I'll be guiding your way through for users in iOS. If you're on Android, the placements of elements may differ, but no less easy to find.

The button in the bottom right (when you're using iOS, top when in Android), showing a logo of people gives you a heads up on who's on Periscope out from your Twitter contact list. The middle button is what you use to broadcast, but more on that later. To the left is a television-looking button, and this is where you'll see who are life. Scrolling down, a list of real-time videos appears. Down further under the Recent tab is the list of archived videos.

Broadcasting a scope

Going live means, you’ll act as the producer, manager and camera man all rolled into one. Click the middle button to start the process. Your camera will automatically initialize.

Before you click Start Broadcast, however, notice the buttons below. The Twitter button gives you a choice to whether you’ll share your content through the app. The left lets Periscope identify your location, and the middle one allows you to customize viewers--either broadcast it to the world or a limited number of people.

When you’re ready to share, type the title of your content in the What are you seeing now section. Above that, there’s a Broadcast now button, which is helpful for promotion.

For example, if you want to include hashtags or names of participants, you can put all details in there.

Value the Hearts

Hearts are the measure of appreciation, much like Facebook's likes, for Periscope. It can be done by tapping on the screen while the video is ongoing. It appears in the stream and will be seen by other users as well.

Boosting Your Business Through Periscope

Periscope is arguably one of the most positively eyed apps by institutions and businesses worldwide, due to its instant relay of information, making processes a lot faster than before. More so, an animated, real-time update just has a different effect than pure text.

Periscope is still a start-up technology that needs to be pushed further to develop a long-term relationship with its market. Given its growing number of users, people would think this is the sole measure of success, but it's a big no-no.

Creating a fantastic app doesn’t even guarantee a long list of loyal followers. In other words, it’s important for Periscope to take on a path that promotes growth and sustainability.

Luckily, business owners are helping out by promoting their services through the app. They can be long-term partners. Now, how does your business fare when it comes to this?

The key is to get more dedicated followers.

Getting followers is quite easy. Retaining them is not. Out of your thousands of followers, roughly 10% remains days after launching, for an app. The rest were either taken in by the hype and signed up, or plainly became uninterested in what the app had to offer. Conversion suffers.

Nevertheless, take extra efforts to fill your database with enthusiastic followers or guests and focus your efforts on them. It's a question of quality much more than quantity.

A sound strategy is to utilize the features of the Periscope app for marketing business by getting loyal followers. So, how to target dedicated followers with it?

  1. Create a professional profile.

If you want people to take you seriously, go over your profile and include important details like what you do and what you want to do.

This line is cliche but it holds true where attracting a following is concerned: Put yourself in their shoes. When going live, make sure to include a catchy title that points to what you want to share.

Be brief and direct. Write what your audience can expect to get from your broadcast. This is the start of a long business relationship.

  1. Link your Periscope profile to your website.

There must be a direct connection between your profile and your business. It enhances chances of people hitting the follow button. Seeing which niche you belong to, your company's mission and what you offer is a primary filter of your audience. It helps you narrow down the possibility of having uninterested people follow you. Linking your profile to your site solidifies your credibility too.

After each broadcast, never forget to direct your audience to your site. They'll want to check on your content. Grab this opportunity and have them know so further. Trust is vital for long-term business relationships, and a well patched-up bio with accompanying proof of your credentials will win the day over. And may I suggest you use to shorten your link?

Once inside your website, course their clicks to your landing pages and gather more leads for your other marketing efforts, or get sales conversions immediately.

  1. Additionally, link your website to your Periscope bio.

Chances are there are people who do not know your Periscope ID, found you through other sources or don't know what Periscope is just yet.

Lead them to your Periscope account by putting a widget on your main website page. This is a great way to notify them when you have an ongoing broadcast. Updates and engagement can be done largely on Periscope. It's real-time to boot.

  1. Check on your followers and discover the core of their interests.

Dig into your active followers and discover the reason why they are sticking around. What keeps them active is the bane you want to get. This is where you can focus on your efforts the next time as it'll help you create features for your business that will encourage a continuous stream of followers. There are many ways to do this with Periscope. Utilize its core service and do a real broadcast-chat with your audience.

Once you go live, your active followers will click on and listen to you, so be lively. You can do a live question and answer session, where your audience can send their queries through comments which you entertain virtually. This will not only answer your target question: what engages them but if you go further and conduct a virtual focus group discussion, it can also raise some possibilities of future developments for your business.

  1. Comment and give hearts.

Do commenting to start a relationship or enhance customer engagement. In Periscope, comments are sent real-time, so if comments were sent to you, it’s an opportunity to respond equally fast. Don’t forget to thank and add a personal note, by the way.

If you’re the one viewing a live-stream, commenting and sending hearts to relay a message to the person that you’re interested in what they’re showing. They are effective ways to attract quality followers.

Now, commenting is an art in itself. When you comment, be certain that it is relevant and true. Smart comments will go a long way to starting an engagement even when the broadcast ends.

Organic methods by way of positive interaction are much better than any other artificial attempts to spike up your list or downloads (such as spamming). Spamming can snag and sky-rocket your list of followers, but it stops there.

  1. Utilize hashtags and link Periscope with your other social media accounts

As you’re about to go live, you can put hashtags and other promotional tags in your title. Everyone knows this helps in locating your videos. You’ll find this very important sooner or later.

For areas with a decent internet connection, watching real-time videos is not a problem. But it’s a different story for those whose connection times out every 3 minutes. When they click on Back and get directed to the live scope list, finding the video may be difficult.

In addition, it’s recommended that whatever you’re currently live-streaming, you put in your other social media accounts like Facebook. Create this recipe through the use of an automation platform designed to develop a chain of activities preceding a trigger.

  1. Follow the right people.

"Marketing isn’t a one-sided activity. If you want people to interact with you, you have to be social."

To increase your Periscope followers (an ultimately your email list) immensely, you gotta find the right people to connect to.

A strong bond is created between individuals who understand each other’s business well enough. Choose those whose content and niche are relevant or interesting for you. Then when they find you, they’ll follow you as well. Start by typing in a few keywords and go deeper in your search.

  1. Make use of private scopes.

Going public or private in Periscope is your choice. It depends on what your video is all about. With private scopes, you can limit watchers to only those invited. But private videos are very usable in improving engagement regardless of your choice.

Let’s say you’ve done a public broadcast about a new business venture. While casting, you’ve noticed some commenters who seem to genuinely be interested in the subject, and you decide to know them further.

So after the broadcast, you do some more short ones - this time personalized thank you videos. Set them as private, inviting only the specific person to which each is meant. They will receive a notification thereafter. A direct communication like this opens up an opportunity to get one active follower.

The same goes with following the right people. Finding them is the initial step. Having them follow you back is another. So, use this feature in Periscope that adds a personal touch to your marketing efforts.

9. Create action-provoking broadcasts

Real-time or not, the best videos are those that hit right through the core. There isn’t a very big chance for any video to go viral, no matter how beautiful it is.

Yet Forbes has shared these 6 qualities that could help you make an impact with your Periscope castings. First, it should be brief but sweet, because attention spans today are shorter than the previous generations. It should be upbeat and timely. Make sure content is relevant to what’s currently brewing.

Create scopes which are involved and informative. Being involved sends the message that you really care about what is going on- and that you’d like to take actions. Offer new information, too.

Lastly, your scope-despite its brevity should be able to inspire others. Sure, your ultimate goal is to push your watchers to land in your email list, but first, you’d like to inspire them because this creates action.

Tip: Create a broadcast title that is unique and interesting. Unless you’re very very famous, your scope will be pushed below the list as more people go live.

  1. Archive your scope.

Have your videos archived when you broadcast? This allows those which weren't able to catch you live to know what you were talking about. Further, a recorded content in Periscope is accessible for 24 hours. This means you can download it for repurposing.

A lot of Periscope owners upload their videos into their YouTube channels so people can view it whenever they like. By making it viewable to a wider segment of the population- new Periscope users, new businesspeople, marketers who might be potential buyers can easily find and follow you. Replays are accessible either in the platform itself or on Periscope's website at

    1. Encourage sharing of videos.

Periscope in Twitter allows your watchers to share and invite their followers to live-stream your broadcasts. This is a great opportunity to meet other potential clients virtually. Before hitting that Start Broadcast button, have it announced on Twitter by adjusting your settings in the Twitter symbol on the display

Make your broadcasts interesting, engaging and worth their time. Mention at the start of the casting that you'd want them to invite other friends. Sunny Lenarduzzi is a great example of marketing your channels and doing cross promotions using videos. She has an awesome course that I took and recommend called Recording for Revenue.

Retention: A Businesses Benefit from Using Periscope App

The biggest proponent of any technology is the end-users. Your sales come from them. By doing what needs to be done rightly on Periscope, there's a huge window of getting the right people to follow you, land them as leads, and convert to sales. Though it is still encouraged to boost the number of your followers for marketing reasons, again it is not so much as the quantity of your followers as to their quality.

The process of retaining your followers is never ending. Never stop when you've felt success by being able to have them remain. Go beyond what is needed and start the cycle over again by studying them. Jot down what keeps them active, brainstorm and turn these into effective strategies.

Product Development

By recognizing where you fall short or where your strength lies, as business owners, you'll be able to make necessary adjustments to fit your market needs. Treat it as a first step to creating new products or adding new features to your business. And when you do, have it announced via Periscope!

Periscope is changing the medium of social media. Social videos are taking the mainstream, and rightly so. When you can see the world through other people's eyes, what more can you ask for?

It may be too early to know if Periscope will remain as a platform or simply become integrated within Twitter. Even top marketers such as Chris Brogan are undecided.

Satisfied with these Periscope growth hacks? Care to share these with others? Yep, you may. Feel free to spread the love by commenting below or sharing this post.

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