What is Inbound Marketing?

The inbound marketing methodology is about bringing potential customers to you rather than disturbing them. By providing educational and informative content created with your ideal customer in mind, startups can attract, convert, close and delight visitors, leads, and customers through multiple marketing channels.

The In-depth Answer To What is Social Selling?

Social selling is here to stay and cold calls, as we know it, is dead. We now have the ability to implement inbound marketing techniques that respond to key decision makers' pain points by creating content that nurtures them while they research to make a purchase. Here's some data from LinkedIn according to their latest social selling index (SSI) report of the benefits of social selling on LinkedIn.

6 Simple Ways To Find Your Passion In Life

The purpose is the reason you go on the journey, and your passion is what keeps you motivated along the way. Do you feel lost trying to discover what your purpose is in life or ways to find your passion in life?