Top 25 VC Firms Bridging the Gender and Ethnic Gap in Startups

Over the recent years, we have been seeing the rise of Black- and minority-owned startups in the US. According to the Harry Alford, Founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the number of African-American-owned businesses in the US grew at a rate of 60%. Another report released by the Small Business Administration shows a 38.1% increase in companies owned by women and people belonging to minority groups.

The Top 25 Social Media Management Tools for Startups

92% of marketers say social media marketing is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. This is because social media marketing gives businesses a level platform to help you scale your business, even if you're just a startup.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Automation for Startups

Social media today has significantly revolutionized the way consumers interact with brands across every stage of the buyer's journey.

According to a study done by Global Index, 40% of social media users use the internet to learn more about different products and services. More important, 30% of social media users base their buying decision on the feedback and reviews they find here.