7 Ways Sports Prepares You For Life

We all are born into different situations in this game of life. Each of us has unique advantages and disadvantages that were given to leave our mark on the world. Often being born into poverty leads to a relentless desire that allows certain individuals to excel and triumph no matter the situations they encounter. Discover how sports prepares you for life... Here's to your journey to prepare for greatness.

Why Startups Should Hire Freelancers?

 There's a mixture of feelings with the idea of launching a tech startup as a first-time founder. Part of you is excited at the opportunity, and the other part of you is frightened. Who can blame you? There's a lot at stake. Building a startup requires perseverance, agility, and mental toughness. Most of all high-growth startups must know how to scale while being cost effective. One of the biggest expense startups spend money on is human capital. Here are some strategies you can use to hire freelancers for your startup.

Periscope Growth Hacks That Can Benefit Your Business

Introducing you!

Don't confuse it with periscope- a tube attached to mirrors used for viewing. It's a different apparatus, although the concept of viewing is more or less adopted by the app.