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25 Must-Have Online Marketing Tools and Resources for Startups

Today's marketplace is fiercer and moving at a faster speed that it ever did. As such, online marketers and startup founders need the right marketing tools and resources to stay ahead and grow .

15 Content Marketing Trends to Prepare for in 2018

Content marketing remains one of the fundamental marketing strategies used by businesses today. In fact, a study done by eMarketer revealed that 87% of B2B companies are going to be using content marketing in 2018. 

Top 25 VC Firms Bridging the Gender and Ethnic Gap in Startups

Over the recent years, we have been seeing the rise of Black- and minority-owned startups in the US. According to the Harry Alford, Founder of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, the number of African-American-owned businesses in the US grew at a rate of 60%. Another report released by the Small Business Administration shows a 38.1% increase in companies owned by women and people belonging to minority groups.