9 Google Adwords Strategies For The Holidays

9 Google AdWords Strategies For The Holidays

Time's running short for online businesses as the holidays are rapidly approaching. Traditionally a boom for retailers, the holidays can be a fickle mistress in the online world. If you aren't sure how to capitalize on the season, it's easy to slip from boom to bust. The key around this time of year is an effective Google AdWords strategy!

Getting your ads to off to the right person at the right time is the key to a successful holiday marketing campaign. This means having Google Adwords strategies that you can implement that separate you from competitors. Google is a Goliath of real raw data, and it's how you use data within Google Adwords that will allow you to convert potential buyers into customers. The tricky part about Google Adwords strategies is that it can be difficult to understand how the gears grind.

The inner workings of Google are that they cater to searchers and not your website. There's over 200 factors that go into Google organic results so you can imagine there's a lot of factors that go into excelling with Adwords. It may take months or even years of studies to get a grasp on how to use Google Adwords. This is why I'm going to run you through 9 Google Adwords strategies for startups to use during the holidays so you can plug-and-play to give your Saas startup the holiday boost you need.

Include Urgency In Ad Copy

This may seem like copy writing 101, but it's doubly useful during the holidays. Let's be real for a minute, as much as we love the calm, relaxing time spent during the holidays with family, the rest of the holiday season is a madhouse with relatives visiting, gifts that need to be bought, preparations to be made, and overall a lot of urgency and stress.

This is where using urgent copywriting power phrases in your Google Adwords strategies can pay off for your startup.

Any copywriter can tell you the power of words and phrases like "limited time," "now," and "hot!" But, by capitalizing on the panicked days before gifts need to be given and in-laws arrive, the urgency in your ad copy is going to attract more clicks as stressed out consumers look for the fast answer.

You should consider using a countdown script within your Google Adwords campaign to create a real-time sense of urgency. You can count down the number of days a sale is available or the amount of a limited item you have in stock. Here's an example of a countdown ad as well as the script that was used.


Here's the script.

Google Adwords Count Down Script

Cyber Monday Promotion

The pull of Thanksgiving continues to grow each year. The last holiday before December is famous (or infamous) for the consumer frenzy it causes on Black Friday -- the Friday after Thanksgiving -- but now Cyber Monday is becoming a keystone for online retail. Cyber Monday is snowballing into the digital equivalent of Black Friday, and it's imperative that your Google Adwords strategies account for this. Create promotions for Cyber Monday. The online shoppers are going to be there following their failures on or apathy towards Black Friday.

This is the most valuable Monday on the internet for startups, get the most out of it by creating a promotion to attract the masses searching for deals. Some online retailers take it even farther and have Cyber Week. I will let you decide what's right for your business! Regardless make sure to integrate a landing page specifically for your ad campaign.

Inbound Marketing Playbook For Startups

Consider FREE Gift Wrapping Promotion

Think about it, if someone's doing their holiday shopping online, do you think they're about to get up, put clothes on, get in the car, fill up the gas tank, and then buy wrapping paper just to go home and hassle over folding and tape? I don't think so either. Google Adwords strategies that incorporate the magic word "FREE" along with the band of the inartistic "GIFT WRAPPING" are going to lure in buyers. It's the instant gratification of the internet in the form of removing one more hassle for the weary, stressed-out holiday shopper. Your business is going to have to pack and ship your product as it is, providing free gift wrapping is an effective way to give a substantial boost to sales without massive investment. There's 34 brick and mortar businesses that I know of that's doing this, but few offer it to online customers. Like Seth Godin says be remarkable and bring the wow factor to your business.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads (also known as retargeting ads), simply put, is placing a cookie in the computer of visitors to your website. What this cookie does is allows you to serve ads to these same people using the Google Display Network. This is a key Google Adwords strategy and feature that provides incredibly powerful targeting. By allowing you to have your ads target individuals who have already shown enough interest in your product to at least visit your site. You're then doubling down to bring them back to convert into a sale. Check out the image my dear friend Jack FitzGerald of Growth Grind created.

Include Your Seller Ratings

Google Adwords gives you the power to show your credentials and seller rating right there next to your ad. This shifts the mentality of a consumer who sees your ad from being isolated looking for a trustworthy deal on the internet to someone who is following in the proven footsteps of other consumers. This is incredibly important. Instead of feeling like they're looking for a needle in a stack of needles, they're instead following right buyer practices established by your previous customers. The seller rating is a combination of reviews and information from Google's exhaustive database. If your rating is good, always include it in your ads. If you got it, flaunt it. I suggest using VocalReferences if you need help improving your seller rating as well.

Increase Budget On Current Campaigns

Google Adwords strategies 101: bump the budget. If you have a successful campaign that is well-researched and well-executed, then increase its budget. See what a little more juice can do to boost your sales. Google Adwords is a well-streamlined machine and if you're set up to put your money to efficient use then, revenue permitting, increasing the budget for your current campaigns should boost your sales in a linear fashion. There's no time like the holidays to invest in advertising and marketing, and a solid increase to the budget of your campaigns will pay off in quickly.

Use Location Targeting

New Year's Fancy Dinner
Chef Jeff Prepared A Delicious Menu
Book now for 12/31 - from $50!

Examine this ad. We've got a great offer, it's copying is urgent, it's compelling, and it's going to link to the website so that consumers can check out the menu. But, none of this matters if Chef Jeff is in Chicago and this ad is popping for someone in Chicago. One of the critical Google Adwords strategies you can use is location targeting. This function allows you to target people in only a country, a city, or even within an X-mile radius of your business. This is a powerful tool to implement in your Google ads to get the most out of your campaign.

Get Free $75 Adwords Coupon

For startups, it can be tricky budgeting in advertising and marketing on Google. There will be lots of demands on your cash reserves, and it can be difficult to find an effective, and budget-friendly approach to Google Adwords strategies. Google knows this and offers $75 Adwords coupons to new advertisers. By spending $25 on advertising with Google, you can avail of a $75 Adword coupon. This is a great way to bolster and bump the budget on an early campaign for new startups. Click the $75 Google Adwords Voucher below to increase your advertising budget. (Won't work if you have already claimed a voucher before)

Consider A/B Testing Landing Pages

Finally, I urge you to consider using A/B testing on landing pages to learn more about your webpage and how visitors interact with it. A/b testing is a strategy that lets you create duplicates of your landing page where you can target and change one thing. Say, an image, a video, a headline, or layout. This can give you incredibly detailed information to implement in your Google AdWords strategies. What's effective and garners longer visit times and what is attracting clicks on your landing page. This allows you to micromanage specific aspects of your ever-important landing page to fine tune them to optimize your business.

Of the strategies I've discussed, which do you think is right for your business and why? What other ideas do you have for Google Adwords strategies? As well please register to my blog to receive my weekly blog posts to your inbox.

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